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More opportunities to find what you are looking for, There are nearly 4,000 varieties of plants currently in the collection, grown in several greenhouses, shadehouses and the on site arboretum. The collection varies from xeriscape to ultra-tropical, each grown in their optimal environment.
We have created a variety of online stores, each specializing in specific varieties of flora. This is done to speed up order pulling and delivery times, in addition with this business model we have better inventory control and lower shipping rates on like items. Simply put, we don’t believe orchids and cactus need to be shipped together.

Coming Fall 2017  Featuring: Over 140 varieties of bananas from our field grown collection. Over 15 variegated varieties, 25 ornamental and over 100 fruiting, both seeded and unseeded. Several varieties have been discovered here through years of research and cross pollination, including pin-stripe leaf and one with glossy white fruit. These new varieties have not yet been released but will be available in very limited supply in early 2018.

Coming Fall 2017  Featuring: Our extensive collection of both clumping and running varieties for zones 5-11. Everything from 80 foot guadua to smaller landscape varieties, all in large 8″ pots.

Coming Fall 2017  Featuring: 140+ Varieties of Figs from around the world. Including variegated leaf, variegated fruit and a wide variety of colors, sizes, and flavors, available as both starters and mature specimens. One of the most extensive collections anywhere.

Coming Fall 2017  Featuring: Several varieties of coffee and related brewable plants in addition to growing, harvesting and brewing tips.

Coming Fall 2017  Featuring: 60+ Varieties of Guava from around the world. Including variegated and purple leaf, and fruit sizes to 3 pounds, available as both starters and mature specimens. One of the most extensive collections anywhere.

Coming Fall 2017  Featuring: An extensive line of plants for cooking and brewing, including ginger, patchouli, star anise, allspice, cinnamon, cumin and our latest addition stevia, a zero calorie, zero carb sugar substitute. Over 100 herbs to browse.

Coming Fall 2017  Featuring: Direct from Greenhouse One, 50 varieties of Hawaiian Plumeria. Sizes range from 12′ to huge 6′ landscape plants, all delivered direct from the collection.

OPEN  Featuring: Over 900 varieties of both fruiting and flowering tropical starter plants. This is our nurseries nursery where the propagation is done. Plants, if not sold, move directly to larger 8″ pots or in ground. These plants are more affordable and are more inexpensive to ship. Kens is a great way to start your collection.

OPEN  Featuring: 400 varieties of blooming plants offered as singles and money saving landscape packages. A very extensive offering.

OPEN  Featuring: Large landscape ready tropical plants in 8″ round or 14″ deep pots. This site will be closing when UrbanTropicals.com opens.

Coming Fall 2017  Featuring: 50 varieties of hardy Hosta in both 9″ deep landscape pots and 6″ round grower pots. All shapes, sizes and colors.

OPEN  Featuring: All of our varieties of Sugarcane and related plants available in 7″ deep plugs and huge new 6″ plantation pots.

Coming Fall 2017  Featuring: Over 300 varieties of drought tolerant plants. Cactus, Agave, Aloe, flowering xeriscape plants and so much more.

Coming Fall 2017  Featuring: Common Theobroma Cacao and several rare varieties including ever-bearing and dwarf round leaf, in addition to related species.

OPEN  Featuring: A great way to get exposure for your own nursery. Free listings include mapping location, photo gallery, and even a video option. This service is provided to help growers find new customers and consumers find exactly what their looking for.

OPEN  Featuring: Over 150 varieties of philodendron from around the world along with similar Aroid plants, all in VERY LIMITED quantity shipped direct from our on-site conservatory. The conservatory features tropical, high humidity growing conditions.

Coming Fall 2018  Featuring: 100 plus finished home and garden plants, suitable for gift giving.

Coming Fall 2017  Featuring: Palms, palms and more palms. Our enormous collection features palms from around the world, everything from the worlds largest to, at just one inch, the worlds smallest. Even if your not looking to purchase a palm, this is a great reference site.

Coming Fall 2017  Featuring: Larger tropical, landscape varieties of fruiting, flowering and simply unusual plants. These huge plants can be somewhat costly and quite expensive to ship.

Future Project  Featuring: Faux tropicals

Future Project  Featuring: a massive variety of seeds for growing.

Since 1997 we (Botanical Growers) have been providing our customers with first rate customer service. We plant, grow, package and ship nursery direct, all of own products from our 100 acre North Florida facility. During season, orders placed by noon Saturday ship Tuesday – Friday of the following week. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us. Our business model: Best products, Best packaging, Best customer service, No GMO, No Outsourcing.